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Diesel vehicles produce more particulate impurities than their petrol counterparts, which lead to higher carbon emissions. Owing to the emission of more particulates or soot, the fuel injectors inside a diesel engine can get clogged.

To ensure these problems don’t aggravate, come down to Qazi Auto Repairs for a fuel injector reconditioning service Nottingham. Our experienced technicians use quality tools to recondition your car injectors and make them as good as new.

What indicates clogged injectors?

Some signposts of a clogged fuel injector are –

Check engine light is on – The most common sign of clogged fuel injectors will be a lit check engine light.

Reduced fuel economy – Your car’s engine will consume more fuel if the injectors are blocked. As a result, the mileage comes down drastically.

Misfiring engine – Blocked injectors will not be able to deliver the required fuel to your car’s engine, which will cause it to misfire.

Engine stalls – Low supply of diesel will lead to rough idling and can cause your car’s engine to stall.

Fuel leak – If you notice fuel on the exterior of the fuel injector, it is likely because of blockages.

Smell of fuel inside the car – When you smell fuel inside your car, it can indicate clogged injectors.

Last but not least, clogged injectors can cause your vehicle to fail the minimum emissions level. Thus, it will fail the MOT test consequently.

To ensure that does not happen, make sure to get in touch with us for a fuel injector recondition service Nottingham.

How are injectors reconditioned?

At Qazi Auto Repairs in Nottingham, we recondition injectors in the following way -

  1. Remove all the detachable parts from the injector.
  2. Clean the body and remove the paint.
  3. Test the injectors to ensure proper resistance from the coil.
  4. Clean the injectors through backflushing and pulsing.
  5. Test the injection pattern of injectors to ensure correct atomisation of diesel.
  6. Measure the amount of diesel passing through each injector.
  7. Test for leaks and make sure that diesel is not seeping out.

If injectors pass all the tests, they are repainted, and new detachable components are affixed. Finally, the injectors are refitted to your car’s engine.

At our facility, we have the latest equipment to carry out fuel injector reconditioning Nottingham to ensure the components do not undergo any damage during servicing.

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If you are searching for diesel injector reconditioning Nottingham, then make sure to pick us. Qazi Auto Repairs is one of the premier auto garages offering injector recondition services in this city.

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