Hofmann System Wheel Alignment

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Hofmann has been a pioneer in garage equipment for more than eight decades. It is owned by American high-end equipment and tools manufacturer, Snap-on.

The company has a line of wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and tyre changing machines. These are state-of-the-art apparatuses that deliver precise results and that too in minutes.

Hofmann machines are in high demand in the UK; that’s why we at Qazi Auto Repairs bring you Hofmann system wheel alignment Nottingham. Bring your vehicle to our garage, and we will check and adjust the alignment of your car’s wheels in a jiffy.

How would you know if your car’s wheels are misaligned?

Look out for the following signs –

Steering wheel problems

There can be a number of problems with your car’s steering wheel owing to misaligned wheels. Some of these can be –

  1. Vibrations.
  2. Not firm or poor feedback while driving.
  3. Remains off-centre even when driving straight.
  4. Car drifts to one side

One of the most common symptoms of misaligned wheels is vehicle pulling or drifting to one side of the road. Driving under such conditions can be a potential concern for safety.

As such, you must bring your vehicle to our garage. Our technicians will perform a quick Hofmann system wheel alignment Nottingham and correct the misalignments.

Premature wear in some tyres

Driving with misaligned wheels will cause tyres to wear more rapidly. Hence, it is advisable to periodically check on the tread depth of each of your car tyres.

Squealing noises from your car tyres

During acceleration or when cornering, you may hear squealing noises generating from the tyres.

However, the same can also be caused by other issues (damaged brake pads, for instance). Whatever the case may be, you must come down to our facility in Unit 2, Gemstone Court, Palin St, Nottingham NG7 5AD for a thorough diagnosis of your car.

How does a Hofmann alignment machine Nottingham work?

Here’s how our technicians perform wheel alignment with Hofmann machines –

  1. They attach the alignment clamps to your car’s wheels, carefully fitting them so that these do not touch the rims.
  2. Next, they push your vehicle forwards and backwards to check the camber and toe angles.
  3. They then rotate your car’s steering wheel towards the left and right to check the caster angle.
  4. The wheel aligner shows the readings after all the checks are completed. Our technicians will then adjust all the angles to align your car wheels perfectly.

Wheel alignment at Qazi Auto Repairs

Stop Googling – “garages for wheel alignment near me” and visit our facility without further delay. We are one of the premier service stations in the city, offering precise wheel alignment services with Hofmann machines. Call us on 0115 979 1121 for more details.

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