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Clutch is the part of the vehicle that is responsible for assistance during a gear change. To ensure that the gear changes smoothly, the clutch is expected to disconnect the connection between the engine and the transmission of the car. It is a very important part of the car, without which you cannot drive any geared vehicle. To take care of something so important, experts are required to deal with the issue effectively. You can be sure to find an expert at our garage, Qazi Autos Repairs, who will be able to deal with the issue efficiently.


The clutch consists of two parts- the clutch disc and the pressure plate. It is the connection between the engine and the transmission system. When you apply the clutch, it breaks the connection and gives you the opportunity to switch between gears. While you do so, the engine is free; it isn’t affected by the resistance that the tyres would have otherwise exerted on it. Therefore, deceleration is comparatively slower.

We, at Qazi Autos Repairs, have some of the best technicians for this job, who have been known to be somewhat of “Clutch Experts”. Bring your car to us and you’re sure to not feel any discomfort due to clutch issues.

Need for Timely Maintenance

Ignoring indications of a bad clutch can cause more than just a break between your engine and the transmission system. A damaged clutch can be like a hole in your pocket, as it is very expensive to both, repair and replace.

Indications of a Bad Clutch

Look out for indicators that might light up when your clutch is damaged. This is something that you should never ignore, as it is an indication by your car’s diagnostic system. The system has been installed for your safety and ignoring it is unwise. Invest in your car maintenance regularly to save yourself from expensive repairs.

Get your car checked if you notice your car starting slowly even when your engine is racing. Lookout for sounds from the clutch plate as well and attend to it as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your vehicle. Also get your car checked if the clutch seems to be harder than usual, as this is an early indication of damage as well.

We, at Qazi Autos Repairs, focus on providing quality solutions to issues that would prevent it from returning anytime soon. Our technicians have been trained extensively to ensure that the quality of their work is up to the mark. This is not only good and helpful for us when it comes to maintaining relationships with our customers, but is something that would help them in the future as well. We make sure that we ease the work of our technicians by providing them with the latest pieces of technology. At Qazi Autos Repairs, we work for your trust, not just for monetary benefits.

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