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Car Repair

Are you looking for a great garage for car repair? Visit Qazi Autos Repairs that is located in Nottingham. Where you enjoy hassle-free car repair from our technical experts, while you sip coffee or indulge in conversation with them.

How to get your booking?

You can find us online. As simple as that. Or, you can drive down to our service centre in Nottingham. Let us know the kind of car repair you are interested in.

Is it tyres, engine, exhaust, or any other component? Feel free to share the specifics as our experts are great listeners. We would need to know the history of the problem to diagnose it thoroughly.

Our experts will take you through the step-by-step process of the repair. We will keep you informed even about the minor changes. No repairs will be done without your permission. Be assured of the most authentic car repair Nottingham services.

We use 100% genuine spares and consumables. We have centralised inventory management to ensure your car gets only quality replacements.

The service time for the repair will depend on the issue at hand. Our experts will inform you of the same after a thorough analysis of the situation.

Know our expert technicians

Our technical team at Qazi Autos Repairs are quite professional. We believe in carrying out a detailed job with no room for error.

Our experts are masters of their craft. Backed by years of experience, our team is cordial, efficient, and quick. We make sure all customer complaints are addressed flawlessly.

Did I mention we love conversations? Yes, we do. While your car is getting repaired, you can have your questions answered and doubts cleared.

Service of Convenience


We excel in offering only the most honest and quick car repair Nottingham service to our customers.

Our services are-

  • Cost-effective
  • 100% authentic spares
  • Well-equipped service centre
  • Online bookings
  • Quick and timely service

Our achievement is the testimony of our happy customers who have shown immense trust in us.

Qazi Autos Repairs’s professional car repair services are designed to have our customers best interest at heart. We are a non-biased, dedicated, and perfect repair centre, with a team of experts, which strives to put a smile on every customer’s face.

Other than vehicle-related services, we also offer tyres. You can use the special tyre finder tool that features on our website. It will help you browse through tyres with the specification of your choice.

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